Product Overview
Product Specification

Novo Textiles is one of the largest manufacturers  of clear vinyl curtains/tarps in India. Our Clear tarps have been carefully curated over the years with additives to enhance its clarity, UV resistance and most important cold crack resistance.  It is commonly used for a variety of applications where protection is needed from rain, wind, or cold temperatures, while still allowing visibility and light to pass through.The clear vinyl material used in these tarps is typically heavy-duty and waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor use in a range of weather conditions.

All tarps are manufactured with double folded hems which are double stitched along with webbing (custom color available) to enhance strength and durability. Clear vinyl Tarps can be used for a wide number of applications like covers for outdoor furniture, boats, or cars, as temporary enclosures for outdoor events, or as dividers in a greenhouse or other agricultural setting.Overall, our clear vinyl tarps are a versatile and practical solution for situations where protection is needed from the elements, while still allowing visibility and light to pass through

  • Super Clear – Glass like visibility
  • Cold crack resistance upto -35 degrees Celcius
  • Non Blurry Seams – First of its kind in the industry
  • Available in different thickness.
  • Available in Flame retardant option also.
  • Specially coated Grommet (to avoid oxidising): Brass grommet every 2 ft approximately
  • Different webbing options customisable